Crystal Clear Waters Amazonite Stretch Bracelet

Product image 1Crystal Clear Waters Amazonite Stretch Bracelet
Product image 2Crystal Clear Waters Amazonite Stretch Bracelet

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Crystal clear waters mirror the purity of our souls, inviting us to immerse ourselves in their tranquil depths and cleanse our spirits, as each ripple becomes a reflection of the clarity and serenity we seek within.

Amazonite whispers of distant shores and long-lost oceans, a timeless dance between nature's artistry and the passage of millennia.  With its intricate spirals etched by the passage of time, Amazonite holds the beauty of ancient secrets woven into fossilized stone from remote corners of the world, whispering stories of eons past and reminding us of the profound connection between all living things. 

  • 6mm Matte Amazonite Beads
  • Gold plated brass heart charm
  • 7" stretch bracelet fits most

  • Please note that all items are crafted lovingly by hand, and no two will be exactly alike. The color, proportion, shape, and surface markings on your jewelry may vary slightly from the photograph shown. These unique qualities contribute to the beauty of each piece. Please feel free to ask any questions before purchasing.

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