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The Portal Collection

At age 15, Jewel moved out of her turbulent home in rural Alaska and hitchhiked several hundred miles to attend a powwow. Sitting in a large circle, she froze when a talking stick was passed to her. Later, she was taken aside by two “uncles,” who told her the future of her life would depend upon learning to speak from her heart...

Moving. Meditative. Magical.

 Imbued with a blend of allure and introspection, Jewel and the esteemed Crystal Bridges have meticulously crafted every facet of 'The Portal,' forging a space where mind, body, and spirit coalesce seamlessly. In celebration we have curated a collection, where each piece acts as a conduit to inner exploration and alignment. From the ethereal charm of pendants to the soothing essence of healing gems like rose quartz, immerse yourself in a voyage of self-discovery and evolution. Embrace the profound power of transformation and discover newfound balance within the dynamic realm of 'The Portal,' where infinite possibilities await you

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