Raven White Magnesite Ring

Product image 1Raven White Magnesite Ring
Product image 2Raven White Magnesite Ring
Product image 3Raven White Magnesite Ring

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The Raven White Magnesite Ring is a captivating piece of jewelry that beautifully intertwines myth and nature. This ring, crafted from pristine magnesite, serves as a symbolic homage to the legend of white ravens. Traditionally, ravens are seen as black-feathered harbingers of mystery, but ancient lore tells of a time when these intelligent birds were draped in snowy white plumage.

The magnesite used in this ring is primarily white, representing the pure feathers of the mythical white raven. Interspersed with flecks of black, the stone mirrors the gradual transformation of the raven’s feathers from white to black, creating a striking contrast that is both visually appealing and rich in symbolic meaning.

This ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a storyteller. The white magnesite, with its calming energy, is said to promote peace and relaxation, while the black inclusions add depth and grounding, reminding the wearer of the balance between light and dark, innocence and wisdom. The Raven White Magnesite Ring thus becomes a wearable narrative of transformation and duality, reflecting the complex beauty of both the natural world and mythical tales.

  • Magnesite measures approximately .75"x.5"
  • Natural Stone.  Sizes and colors will vary.
  • Adjustable Sterling silver Band 
  • Band height: 0.25"

Please note that all items are crafted lovingly by hand, and no two will be exactly alike. The color, proportion, shape, and surface markings on your jewelry may vary slightly from the photograph shown. These unique qualities contribute to the beauty of each piece. Please feel free to ask any questions before purchasing. 

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